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I have an 08 JKU with hard top. I picked up a trektop NX last weekend. I plan on running soft top most of year and hard top during colder months.

I like the home made and commercial ceiling mounted kits, however, after checking out my garage, I don't have the room to be able to open the garage door and remove the hard top with a ceiling mounted kit.

I've been looking at hard top storage racks such as HOSS by besttop (quadratec and other vendors have one too). I really like the hoss kit because it has an optional cover bag. I do have enough room to fit my hard top standing up.

Do any of you have one of these kits? I'll be storing the 3 piece hard top (may or may not take the doors off, so I like the optional door rack).

I do other projects in my garage so it's very possible to get dusty and dirty (saw dust for example). i definately want to cover my hard top to keep it clean.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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