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JKU TrailMesh Spiderwebshade

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Neon green, would match Gecko well. New last summer, used for about 2 months on/off. Has all the spider balls, no rips or tears on it. Looking for $70 + shipping but will take offers on it. Not looking to trade for anything.
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Where are you located? Any pics? I'm in NJ also
I'm in Flemington. Sorry, forgot to post the pics!


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Lowered to 65 with shipping included.
Bumping this back up now that it's a bit warmer. Any takers? Shoot me a PM!
I may be interested. Let me look at finances for the rest of the month and I will get back to you within an hour or so.
I want it. I PM'd you, please PM me back with your payment info. Thanks!!
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