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Posted this on the general forum as I'm not sure if it counts as technical, but as I haven't got any responses, I thought I'd try here.

Despite owning a JK Willy’s for 3 years, I never really got into the whole mod game as i pretty much loved the way it looked out of the box.

I now have a JLU Sahara and while I love the new Wrangler and the ability to drive it as a car as well as on trails, I think I need to do something to improve its look with a wheel and tire upgrade but I need some help.

Basically I’d just like to take it up a notch to give it a similar look to the Rubicon.

1. What do I need to do to get to that point? Wheel size, tyre size? Do i need a lift?


2. Living in New York City, is there anyone nearby who can do the work, who you’d recommend?

3. I’d like an all black wheel. Any recommendations?

Thank you all in advance for your help.

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You have a wide variety of black wheels available in 17" 5 on 5 lug pattern to fit the JL/JLU. You do need to watch the backspace. I believe the stock Sahara tires are P255/70R18 which are 32" tires. The stock Rubicon tires are LT285/70R17 which are 33" tall. Going from a 32" tire to a 33" tire will only put the top of the tire 1/2" closer to the fender and raise the Jeep by 1/2" as well, so for most use, will not need a lift. However, the tires are wider with the 285mm translating to 11.22 in and the 255mm translating to 10" so the inside of the tires will now be closer to the suspension components and may rub at full lock.

There are two possible solutions. One is when you buy the new wheels, chose a set that has at least 1/2" less backspace than the OEM wheels. The other solution is instead of going with LT296/70R17 tires go with LT255/75R17 instead. They are the same width and height as your stock tires, but fit a 17" wheel.

If you like the Rubicon style wheels, you may be able to find a set on CL in your area.

As for who can do the work, any good tire shop will be able to mount the tires on the wheels and balance them. If you have a local tire shop that you have done business with over the years, I would go to them first. I am fortunate in that I have a quality tire store near me that I have done business with for over 25 years. They are experienced in large tires as they have a heavy commercial business. (Commercial customers are picky and want quality for any downtime to to tires costs them money).

The Quadratec website has 200 black wheels listed that fit the JL/JLU. If you are not familiar with them, they are a Jeep only supplier of parts and accessories. Before you order, call and register with them as a Wrangler Forum member. Then ask for a quote on the selected wheel as they give forum members a discount on most items. They are a forum supporting vendor.
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