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I just wanted to let you guys know of a local repair guy that seems to specialize in Jeeps.
Johnson's Auto Repair is just north of Saddlebrook on Hwy. A.
I needed my water pump replaced and radiator flushed.
A shop, in Branson, quoted me around $500.
I talked to this guy (he's the cousin of a co-worker) and he told me what parts to buy at O'Reilly's and he did the whole job for $140 (total of less than $250 instead of $500+).
I think it's just a dude with a little shop (I didn't see signs or anything).

You guys probably do work yourself, but I only do VERY light repairs myself.
I dropped it off on Thursday night at 6:30 and it was done at 9:00 the same night.

I'm not posting his phone number as it seems to be his house number and I didn't ask him about advertising for him (I assume he wouldn't care).
I can give you his number if you PM, though.
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