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Well I am new Jeep thing...starting with a smaller project to get the juices flowing.

'95 YJ
New Cummins 4BT
Dana 300 (flipped)
Front 60- F350 SRW
Rear 60- Now with spool, 4.88's and 35 spline chromo's
4 linked rear
Front suspension...temporarily mocked up SOA +2" on Waggys.

Currently sitting with engine and trans mocked in with mounts tacked in place, rear suspension is linked in place without any springs/mounts installed.

Rear is stretched a bit over 6" and the front is mearly mocked up right now...planning to end up around 106" overall.

I have some 38" TSL's...don't know what tires I will end up running.

Rig is gonna be driven daily and year round...'cuz I want to:punk:
Wheeling is primarily rocks and anything challengine I can find.


1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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