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HELP please! HA! What an ordeal! Every single fastener fought me every step of the way on this thing and I am still not done. I soaked everything in PB Blaster for 2 days, still ended up cutting bolts off. oh well. Lift is on!!!!

My question is, do I need the transfer case drop? (see attached pic)

I drove it down the street and did not feel any difference in the driveline, no weird noises, binding, etc. I will take it out on the hwy tomorrow to check for vibrations.

This is a Pro Comp 2.5" lift. It did come with Transfer case drop spacers but I CANNOT remove the skid plate!!! I had my largest breaker bar on it, with an extender. Those bolts will NOT MOVE! Now what??? Do I need the transfer case drop? I do not even understand how that will help my driveshaft angle. From these crappy directions it appears it just spaces the skid plate lower???

Happy Holiday weekend!!!! If anyone is out there that can offer a little guidance, I am all ears!

Thank you


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