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Just lifted my JK, Not a happy ride, comments

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Hello everybody
I just have my JK2012 back from ARB 4x4 accessories (Australia); they installed a new suspension and a bulbar on my car

I haven’t drive to much but my first impression is that the car is not very stable and it is jumping a lot. Maybe I got all the information wrong from the shop where I bought and installed everything, but since I am not sure I will really appreciate your opinions

The suspension installed is OME Nitrocharge sport shocks and springs (50 mm lift). Nitrocharger Sport Shock Absorbers | ARB 4x4 Accessories

I was told that the wrangler will ride smoother than with the original suspension but it is not truth. Also, I can feel much less control of the steering wheel when I accelerated on curves
They told me that I need to go after 500Km to check that everything is OK and the level of lifting since it need to stabilized.

I want to know if the ride can get smother after this “stabilization period” and/or if the car will be more stable?

In a lot of topics on the forum I read that OME suppose to be a very soft ride, so maybe I got something wrong on mine or the installations was not properly done?

I use my JK every day to drive to work and I travel a lot long distances. I wanted to improve off road performance without sacrificing much comfort and safetly. I was told that it was my best solution but honestly I am not sure

Please consider that I am not an expert on the topic and this is the first time that I lift my jeep

Thanks in advance
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The features on that kit show only two coils in the picture with some LCAs and shocks. Did the shop or kit address the exhaust routing, track bar relocation brackets, brake extensions, sway extensions, bumpstops?
^This and the shocks are gas charged which likely results in a firmer ride. If the springs are not progressive, that would also make a difference in the ride.
I went down the same route you did. I have an OME/ARB lift as well. You'd do well to check the part numbers on the springs - ARB makes at least three different spring rates for the front and three more for the rear - at a minimum, they should match what's in the ARB application guide for your Jeep. I have the 60066 and 60067 shocks as well.

The bottom line is that this is going to be a firmer ride. How firm depends on your springs and shocks together. If you refer to the OME catalog you'll see most of their front springs fun about 12.5% stiffer than stock and their rear springs are 60-70% stiffer than stock. I don't care what you do to the shocks, that is not going to be a softer ride.

That said, my Jeep corners much "flatter" and with more stability now that it features stiffer springs and better shocks. If you're having issues with steering and drivability it might be time to look at an alignment, specifically the caster seems to upset drivability with Jeep lifts. How much lift did you actually net? Mine was actually about 75 mm, not 50 mm.

I'd also point you to some of the vendors on this site...they have a lot of experience with Jeep lifts in general and some with this specific lift in particular. I am sure they'd be happy for the opportunity to compete for your future business by helping you with your issues here.
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The different feel in steering is because you're track bar and steering linkages are now at different angles. Even with a good alignment, it's still going to feel different than stock.
I've been through this so I know where she is coming from.
Could be as simple as tire pressure or alignment. If the lift height is upwards of 3-4" caster/ steering angles might need to be addressed along with centered axles if not done.
On my 3rd shock because I felt the ones prior ran too firm. Can be a few things but We Need more info :)
Tire pressure ?
Was it aligned?


A good place to start. I had the exact same isssue when I first installed my lift. I panicked and thought I had just ruined my Jeep. Tire pressure was the first thing someone suggested to this Newb (probably ESP or KJeep)- which helped instantly. Along with the break-in period as suggested by your shop. I don't think that is BS- Fox/Teraflex said the same thing and I found it to be true.
However I did not have stability problems/no jumpy-ness/no wobble. Just a little spine mashing (which subsided) but definitely more stable. Your description sounds like something else is awry. Back to the experts.../more analysis.
1. Alignment
2. Tire Pressure
3. Adjustable Front Trackbar
4. Rear Trackbar Tower Bracket
5. Adjustable Front Lower Control Arms

I got OME suspension and I love it.
also, if it was "just installed" you have to give the springs some time to settle.... they are not used to the weight of the vehicle, it will seem "loose and bouncey" for a bit until they settle to the weight

when i did the car thing, people always said their lowering springs didn't lower the car the advertised amount.... give it a week and let the spring settle
Hi Carlos
Which coils do you have, there is a little white tag on each of them, and it should be on your receipt. Also, take a measurement from the bottom lip of your rim to the under side lip of your flare and we can then tell your approx lift height.
LCA,s or AEV drop brackets are probably advisable. Also, front trackbar and rear trackbar tower. Which state are you in. Give Bill at DBOR a call, he will be able to sort you out.
Have you ever driven a lifted jeep before? A "smoother" ride is completely subjective. If you are expecting a car-like ride, you'be got the wrong vehicle and completely wrong suspension. How would you expect it to handle turns after raising the center of gravity? A suspension lift should be done for a purpose, not for looks.
Check the air pressure in your tires if you got new ones.
Installation Details

To start I want to thank everybody who has replied to my post and is trying to help, I really appreciate.
Sorry that I didn’t include much details of what installed when I started the post.
Please see scanned copies of the “OLD MAN EMU suspension installation record” and a table with all the parts that were installed on my JK.
To be more specific about the driving performance with the new suspension, one of the biggest differences or problem is when I am driving on the street about 40 to 60 Km and I drive across imperfections on the road or a not very smooth area I feel I don’t have much control of the car. The steering wheel vibrates much more than before.
Also, a lot of replay said change check air pressure, I have the 35 PSI on the tyres that come from factory with the 2012 JK. Can you please be more specific about the recommended pressure?
Thanks again


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Definitely lower the tire pressure! Exactly where mine were at before I lowered them. I run about 25 PSI but I have MTs. I'd start at just under 30. Perhaps someone can chime in with a "minimum" rating on the stockers?
As for the specs. on the install...
Hi Carlos
With those measurements you have close to a 3" lift. At 3" you will generally have less than 3 deg of caster, and your alignment shows you have 2.5 whish is way to low. You need to purchase either adjustable lower control arms or AEV drop brackets to bring your caster back to around 4.5 deg. If you plan on doing lots of offroadind, rock crawling and playing, i would go fr the LCA,s, however if you only plan on light to moderate trails and touring, i would go the brackets. Contact Jeep connection in Melbourne or CRD Stu in Brisbane for the brackets, or DBOR in Melbourne for the arms. I would also suggest a front trackbar, DBOR supplies both the PPM and Teraflex bar.
I would suggest you are not planning much offroading as ARB have supplied you their short shocks, which are only slightly longer than stock. You would probably only have 1 or 2" of down travel a hat height. If you are planning lots of offroading, i would insist ARB swap them for the mid travel shocs up front and LT in the rear.

ARB or OME do not supply a great package in Australia. They sell the kit as a 2" as that is all we are allowed, but te kit generally gives you 3", supply shocks
That are to short for a 3" lift, as the additional components that you need with longer shocks such as brake line drop brackets etc are illegal in Oz, and do not supply anything to fix caster, as most oftat is illegal as well.

Oh yeah, most of run the stock tyres around 30 psi.
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no, once you start hollowing out factory holes in the frame you can never go back.
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