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Hello everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself. This is my first post after spending lots of time going over the forums researching the Wrangler for the past 2 or 2.5 weeks. I finally bit the bullet and factory ordered last Saturday a new 2dr 6spd Wrangler sport in black with a/c, hardtop, 3.73 ratio, connectivity group, and tow package. Always wanted a Wrangler and now is finally the time. Test drove it and i really like the way it feels. Very different from any car and i love it.
Dealer told me it would be here in roughly 8weeks. I'm from Toronto, Canada and it seems like you guys down south have a shorter wait time than us up here. It's going to be a looonng wait....
BTW i'm going from one extreme to the other. Trading in a 2012 Golf TDI for it. Going from close to 50mpg to 18-20, ouch. I'll be using it as a daily driver as well and thankfully my work is just 1.5km away.
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