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JW Corbett ride on Saturday 11-17

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Hey everyone a few of us(3-4 JKU's) are meeting up for a ride at Corbett on Saturday around 10am...... anyone else want to join?
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Can you go Sunday
Well see how things go for this weekend with the weather
hey nope cant do sunday
Vid from the weekend
Great video! looks like you had a blast. What trails did you go on? We went on Sunday, but only stayed on the main roads and went down a designated trail once, as we were alone and didn't know which trails were safe for a first timer.
Went down Tomato which goes into 3. We then continued into 3 and 5 as well as a quick stint on 6. 6 and the beginning of tomato are the only ones you can go on if your not "hunting" or "scouting a hunt" ie have your license. For 6 the beginning is still too deep so you have to go up on the high side to its south then can cut down and go through the rest of the trail. Tomato into 3 is always decent and navigable for the most part. Let me know next time you go out and I'll take you through them.
Sounds great. I'm in N. Carolina at the moment, but will be back home in the next week. Plan to get my 2.5 TF lift put on and I'll be ready to take you up on that. Cheers
I'm going out on 1/5/13 with a few others we will be meeting at 10030 Indiantown Rd.
Jupiter FL 33478it is a McDonald's let me know if you want to go.
Count me in on the next ride!

Frank/ West Palm
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