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Anyone have the KC C-series RGB rock lights (not the Cyclones)? I have a couple questions:

- I want to by-pass the supplied/pre-wired switch and wire harness and run to my switch pod (Apollointech) and clean up all that wiring. Has anyone done that and did it impact the water proofing/resistance? It looks like the wire harnesses are part of the waterproofing and if you cut them it may impact it

- Where did you mount the control box? I have a few options but wanted to see what what else is out there.

- Does mounting it in the engine compartment impact the bluetooth signal? Not sure how you can get it anywhere else with all the wires to the led's, but maybe there's a way or it doesn't really matter.

There is little info on-line for this product and not many posts so don't have a lot of info. I already bought it, not for a true rock light but for the RGB ground effect (I know, I know ...). The manufacture provided little instructions, especially on the mounting, but I have enough wiring skill to make and modify the electrical connections. Hoping this is a good solid KC product like their other stuff, but the lack of online info makes me hope they didn't just source it and put their name on it.
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