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I'm very happy with my KC Slimlites and I've been asked about this install, so I thought I would create a separate thread for it. I didn't intend for these pics to become a "write up" and everything shown here can be found on youtube, but just in case its helpful to you go!

If you're only mounting two lights, there is a nice existing hole to mount your relay to. If you're mounting three lights you'll need KC's "add-on harness" which gives you two more light connections and another relay to find a spot for. I drilled a hole next to the existing one. Since the Mopar bar has three light tabs and I purchased three lights, there was some extra wiring to ziptie up and out of the way. Come back and do the battery connections last -- just follow the directions.

Run the wiring to the lights. Like you've heard a million times, keep away from hot and moving parts. I found that with the grill popped loose and just moved a couple inches forward, I was able to fish the wiring down and out. Ziptied to look as clean as possible.

On to the switch. I added some loom to these wires and ran it across to the other side of the engine bay where there is a hole you can pull the wires through on the firewall. This hole is accessible by popping the trim panel off the side of the dash. You'll have to pull a good amount of the foam out of this hole, but it works perfectly and the trim panel pops right back on -- easy peasy. The spot just above the speaker is also perfect for the switch.

Ahh, yes. Lets cap them off with Daylighter covers just to drive home the old school cool! ;)

And lets not forget about function. I went with 2 driving beam pattern lights and 1 spot light in the middle. I thought this would create a good mixed pattern. Spot for distance, and the driving lights to get more spread. I am pleased with the results and think that's exactly what I got. Yeah, I'm sure LEDs would be even more impressive, but i'm going for an old school vibe and plan on keeping everything halogen (and round). Overall super happy with KC. After I get my lift installed I will probably look at doing KC's H3 upgrade to the headlights as well.

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