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I have a 2011 JK that doesn't have keyless entry. I would really like to add this and I am thinking that maybe in the process I could add remote start. I have seen a lot of kits to add remote start if you already have the stock keyless entry system. Are there any kits to add both?

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I installed the remote Door lock actuators not to long after I bought the Willys, a very large pain but can be done and only requires removal of the inner door.

I used a kit like this:

I then decided since I live in Northern Wisconsin that remote start would be nice.

I used this:


To use this you need one of these: & one of these:

Then you have to download the programming data from their website, it requires you to be a company, no free email addresses, but I found out later that I could the email I have from my isp.


I returned these last 2 items and got a preprogrammed DBALL2 off of eBay.


I had a heck of a time finding a install guide. I finally found one on "" it's for the Viper 5305 but they are the same system. You have to become a member at the12volt to access the downloads section.

There a lot of wires on the 5305, 24 pin connector, that I didn't use, I just wrapped them in a bundle and stuffed them behind the control unit but I saw later that someone else had removed the unneeded wires.

I followed the information on page 11 for the DBALL2 installation.

I am still working on connecting the remote lock wires through the door connectors, right now they're hard wired. I've seen where people use separate connectors & even trailer connectors.

Note the 5305 only puts out "(-) 500mA UNLOCK OUTPUT & (-) 500mA LOCK OUTPUT" so I had to use relays to make the door actuators work. I used one of there relay diagrams: Door Locks - Actuators / Reverse Polarity - Negative Switch/Trigger (a) or Door Locks - Actuators / Reverse Polarity - Negative Switch/Trigger (b)

Note2: The actuator for the drivers door has 5 wires I only used 2 for the remote start install.

You can buy these instead:

Hope this helps
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