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our club (stillwell stompers) is having our 2nd 2 day ride this year :thumb:

Stillwell Stompers
Share-A-Christmas Charity Ride
Please bring 1 new toy per vehicle
August 24 & 25, 2013

For Stillwell Stomper’s information visit - Home
Stillwell Stompers Campgrounds
1375 County Road 27
Brinkhaven, OH 43006-9209

Driver's Meeting each day at 9:15am, Ride starts at 9:30am sharp
$40 per vehicle for both days (if paid on or before the first day of the event)
$25 per vehicle per day
Registration fees are not refundable
50 vehicle limit

Free primitive camping at the Roundtop Barn available beginning at 5:00 pm on Friday August 23. Motels are available 10 miles from camp.

The club will not be providing any food for this event. Restaurants and grocery stores are within 5 & 10 miles. There will be a campfire for cooking and bull.

No alcohol on the trails. Only persons that are allowed to drink by local and state law will be permitted to do so at the campsite after the vehicles are parked for the night. If we do a night ride, do not drink before the ride.

All rigs will be assigned to a group lead by a Stillwell Stompers Trail Guide.
All drivers are required to attend a drivers meeting at 9:15 each morning. Late arrivals can join their assigned groups upon returning to camp at noon for lunch.

Vehicle Requirements:
a. Tires must be mud terrain or more aggressive, all terrain and street tires are not permitted on the trail system, 31” or taller for Jeeps & 29” or taller for Sami-style rigs, 33” or taller is recommended,
b. Front and rear tow points required, winch recommended
c. CB radio
d. Fire extinguisher
e. Tow strap without metal hooks
f. Seat belts for all occupants
g. Vehicle must be licensed and insured to operate on Ohio roads

Full Size trucks must be pre-approved by a Board Member before they can participate in the trail ride.
For reservations:

All vehicles will be inspected for minimum requirements and any unsafe practices. Vehicles not meeting these requirements will not be permitted on the trails.

Please pre-register on-line before August 21, 9pm at
For questions, e-mail [email protected]
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