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I have a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, 4 door. 70,000 miles on it. Last year the engine light came on and we took it to our regular mechanic in town. The computer read the problem as the knock sensors and the wiring harness were bad and needed to be replaced. New Original Jeep parts were used for the repair. Five months after this repair, the engine light came on again so we took it back to our mechanic and he checked the reading. Again, same read as before. We were in luck though, because our parts were still under warranty. Our mechanic ordered another set of new parts from the jeep dealer and replaced the knock sensors and wiring harness again. As soon as we drove away from his repair facility, the light came back on. He advised us to take it into the jeep dealership and have it checked out. We took in the paperwork from the mechanic that showed that those parts had been replaced twice, and the dealership didn't even look at the paperwork. After 2 days of having our jee
p in the service department they called and said, your knock sensors and wiring harness are bad and need replaced.

Has anyone had this issue before? We don't want to go through the process of replacing these items a third time since it obviously didn't fix it the first 2 times.
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