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Start by replacing the motor, bought the jk used with low miles (under warranty) and it had the infamous engine tick and valve rattle. After Chrysler tried and failed to get it right they replaced the engine with a brand new one. Thanks Chrysler.
They also put the front fender flares on because the stock ones were loose and cracked.
Then she was mine.
I started with the rock rails because they're cool and my lady is vertically challenged so now she can step in and out easier.
Moved on to the CB install next so I can communicate on the job site and trails.
I decided to tap into the tire carrier light and it worked flawlessly, the coax is ran through the tailgate and along the factory wires till it gets to the roll bar, then I ran it under the trim and padding to the front where it drops from the overhead roll bar and hooks up with the cheap CB.
The whole setup cost $30 and works great. I got lucky and caught a going out of business sale on the whole CB setup.
Then I put in the grill inserts, got tired of all the hard to reach debris that accumulates on the radiator, and it was a cheap fix. $30 again and we'll see how long the plastic holds up. When it breaks or I get tired of it I plan to replace the plastic with metal mesh.

That's all I got for now till I wear my tires out I think I'm done.

Anyone have any cheap upgrades I should do in the mean time? Feel free to suggest.
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