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Lexington KY Area:

All 5 Rubicon Wheels 5k miles. I measured and got over 1/2 inch of tread on all of them. They have been rotated regularly, no unusual road noise or cupping at all. Tirerack shows they came with 19/32 inches of tread to begin with.

Wheels have some minor normal on-road type rock scratches, nothing nasty or noticeable.

I plasti-dipped the wheels when I got the Jeep last year and have kept them that way. Amazing how well it lasts, they still look great.

5 tires from Tirerack shipped is $1148 but I see them selling for $500 to $600 here.
5 OEM Wheels from Quadratec is $1475 but most people are selling for $600 with TPMS

How about $1100 for local pickup? Just bolt them on a JK 2007-2012 and they should be good to go, is my understanding with the TPMS.


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