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L/R reversal - Speaker Question

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Hi all,
First post. Whoo Hoo!

I've been slowly fixing up a 97 TJ for a couple of years. Now it's time for some fun stuff. Audio upgrades! Phase one is this weekend. I'm replacing stock speakers with 4 KAPPA52.11 5.25s (sub and head unit in a couple of weeks).

I love the Infinitys - I've had them in a couple of other cars - but in all 2-door Wranglers, the stereo imaging is big challenge. The dash speakers face straight out and the rear speakers face straight down. This puts the occupants in a left or right pocket.

I was thinking of reversing the speakers in the sound bar so that the front seat occupants would be inside of a much better stereo image.

The setup would be:

:happyyes: :happyyes:

I know this goes against conventional wisdom, but the imaging is so bad right now. LR balance is nearly impossible (for more than 1 person. The driver can be OK if you go R about 70%), but FR balance is not an issue. I really think this world work. Anyone ever try this?

Thanks, Jeep Peeps!
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that will lead to some very strange audio when a true left/right recording is listened to.

it will help a bit that all 4 speakers are the same, but I would keep it the standard way.

I ditched the sound pods and went with wake boat tower speaker pods mounted on the roll bars
If it sounds good to you - Why not!. You can always switch them back.
Speaker placement in these vehicles just Isn't great. Good luck, can't hurt to try.
Look at my sig for my imaging solution
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