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I have looked at and read many threads but all of them are the same and differ from mine.

In a nutshell it works like this according to all sources:

LED lights:
  • 1 white = ground
  • 1 black = tail
  • 1 red = indicator & brake
Mine also looks like this so I suspect they are good and work the same.

Jeep wiring:
  • 1 tail
  • 1 left indicator & brake
  • 1 right indicator & brake
  • 1 reverse/backup.
This is where my problem lies. My TJ wiring is not like that. My wiring harness also has 4 wires on each connector. I tested them with a multitester. Used one of the old mounting bolts of the original tail light for ground.

With the lights on I have only one wire on the plug has power - 12V. This is as expected.

With the indicator on I have a different but also one wire on the plug has power - varying between 2.5V and 11V at a gradual rate. Also as expected.

With brake pushed in a different but also one wire has power. 13.5V. Not quite as expected. Form everything that I have read this should be shared with the indicator wire. Trust me, I checked and it is definately on its own wire.

I did not actually test the other wire(purple) but I am pretty sure it is reverse. I did however measure a voltage when using this wire as an earth instead of the tub.

Am I being an idiot?

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i need help wiring new LEDs i bought. my 97 tj has green with black wire, white with black, and a solid white. the white with black went to the reverse bulbs. i need to know the function of the other two, as any posts ive read have mentioned brown, violet or red. none of which i have. someone direct me please. thanks
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