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Hey y'all, made a silly ass not-at-all-well-thought-out purchase of a '93 YJ 2.5 manual to use as a parts source for a '90 YJ w/ 258cid auto. The price was so sweet, I jumped, and thought later.

Upshot, my daughter will have a YJ when she gets old enough, and I want it to last until she gets her commission (she wants VMI for ROTC, Navy), at least.

The frame needs work at the rear shackle (hence the cheap - it failed inspection), and though I was gonna go Safe-T-Cap route, I found a good condition '95 frame for a 4-banger for about the same price (and my welding skills are novice, at best). Further, engine is at 215K, with the audible valve slap one would expect. Gonna do a compression test this weekend and see what I have to work with. Transmission and clutch work solid.

No rush on this project, but I have a question for y'all. Does anyone have a FSM for the '95? I have an FSM for my '90, and one for my son's 2000 XJ. The 2000 XJ came with an option for the 2.5 with the AX5, so push comes to shove, I can use that, but the best option is the correct manual.

If y'all have a copy, please. I looked around the interwebs, and the choices are shady.

If y'all have any tips on what to look out for (common fail points with the 2.5, for example), I'd love to hear it, too.

Thanks, so very much!

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