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So I'm looking for a little feedback from other folks with rear 8.8s. I bought my current jeep with the 8.8 and a lift installed skyjacker (roughly 6") 18 1/2 front with 2" spacer and rear spring 5". now i know its sitting essentially level with 8.8 boosting about an inch. I'm planning on swapping to Currie 4" springs, MC arms, and Bilstein shocks, but i want to make sure I'm not playing with getting it level after everything is installed. at least limit as much as possible.

So my questions are:

1) To those running the rear 8.8 did you go with 1" higher front springs to compensate? or equal all the way around, and if need be compensate with spacer? personally would like to avoid the spacer like the plague if i can.

2) to anyone with curries springs did you notice any sag front or rear with weights such as bumpers and tire carriers. I'm looking at roughly 110# extra on front and rear 141#.

Ive done some research and searching and i feel id be better suited to go with a 3" rear spring and a front 4". just looking for some feedback from current setups thanks.

My jeep specs:

02 TJ 5spd 4.0
Smitty front bumper and winch
Smitty rear and full size 35
No hard top- may in future.
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