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aloha guys,

first post here so thanks for letting me be a member!

I'm looking at putting a lift kit onto my (family's) 2005 TJ without breaking the bank. Its going to be a DD for the most part while serving as a weekend warrior rig for some off-roading in the NV high-deserts and mountains. I think I'm set on a 3" height so we can run 33x12.5 or 33x10.5.

Zone Offroad has an awesomely priced kit that includes their lift, shocks, wheels and tires for a pretty awesome price and I've read some good things in the Lift Review thread. However I'm open to any kit that leaves room to also purchase wheels/tires for all 4 corners and spare.

For the time being I think it would have to be a kit that was usable sans SYE/CV until more money became available to drop one in.

Its a 4.0L 6 M/T with a D44 rear and D30 front and I believe its geared at 3.73.

I'd welcome any and all input especially first hand experiences (esp. with the Zone kits) with various lifts.

If the kits are reasonably priced, then an SYE/CV might be an option but I feel like I'd be looking at sway bar QDs or J-Joints first and living with the T-case drop.

Thanks again!
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