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Help! My TJ rides like a covered wagon! I have very stiff springs. I think they are 4" ones, but have no idea what brand.

I have mismatched shocks. The rear no longer work at all. The front are new but probably too short. (They are 2014 JKUR red, gas-charged shocks.)

I want a fairly plush ride but no nose dive when I stop and no slow rocking and rolling as I drive, like I am in some sort of "land yacht" instead of a Jeep.

I want decent articulation, but "the best" is not very important to me in that regard. I have quick disconnects and get decent articulation with what I have, even though they are probably an inch too short.

I am assuming shocks first. Then springs. Bilstein 5100s are my first choice, based on rep.

If I try to purchase locally, what part numbers do I need for a TJ with 4" of lift?

Also, what other shocks are out there that fit my needs? OME? I do not want Skyjacker or Rancho. And no budget shocks as I do not want to have to do this again for some time and want a decent ride.

After that, what springs should I be reading up on? Again - OME? If so, which ones?

Please keep this to a discussion of shocks and springs only. I will be re-doing this lift properly (SYE/DC shaft, etc) in the future. I need to concentrate on killing off the Hemorrhoid Monster first! Then I will replace the junk I have or add in the stuff I am missing.

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