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I have a 2013 two door and I purchased the rubicon express 3.5 standard lift. I installed the lift today and have one small issue and a height question.

The issue is the adjustable track bar....the bottom fits tight and snug...the top has some play - side to side. It came with 2 small sleeves but they are pretty thin and the bracket on the frame seems to be wider than the track bar when the bolt is fully tight. Wrong track bar maybe?

The height question is this. I had a budget boost on before and I had installed ACOS adjustable spacers for the front and the rear had a one inch spacer. With the new lift installed I used the one inch spacer in the rear which kept the front and rear level.

Rubicon Express advised me that its a 50/50 chance the front drive could be an issue....etc...but this lift doesn't seem to put people over the edge when it comes to height and drive shaft issues on the 2 doors.

Will the one inch pacer in the rear be an issue? I could remove it and simply adjust the ACOS spacers, but if the 1 inch spacer isn't a big deal I would like to leave it.

Also they sent me the exhaust spacers.


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