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My primary goal is to have the most comfortable 2.5'' lift with 35's. It will primarily be driven on roads and Hwy's (I only drive 20-30 miles a day) and light trails to get to some spots where I bike/fish/let the dog swim...

I don't want the "cheapest" option nor the "best" but merely something that can handle most situations if needed on some light/moderate terrain.

After our long discussion at the shop it seemed like the TF 2.5 w/ falcon 3.1 shocks kit had primarily everything that was needed. But I feel like it might even be over kill for what I am actually going to be doing.
Remember shops are going to try to sell you the priciest option to make money.

I would recommend the following:

Zone 3 inch lift with Fox shocks
Rubicon Express geometry correction brackets
Add a front track bar

You are looking at under $1000 and it will drive great. Zone has some pretty comfy springs compared to other companies.

I run their 4 inch kit with this set up. Nicest ride in a lifted jeep that I have felt.


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