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Ok, here are some thoughts. I have a 95 YJ 4cyl 5spd. It is a most time DD/really sparse trail rig.

I don't really care about looks either. Right now I am running 30x9.5 tires, it still has lot's of clearance. Also someone put on some boomerang schakles in the front but nothing else except no trac bars and no bumpstops cause they rusted off. LOL! I think I could run 31's maybe 32'sx10.5 with no problems if need be.

The idea is that I love the low cog for DD. Also I don't want to run huge tires becuse I get good gas mileage, well better than my 3/4 ton trck. LOL!

Anyway, I think it could still be a decent little trail rig the way it is. I need to change a rear axels seal so during that I am gonna put in a spartan locker and upgrade the rear dif cover to at least one that has a proper fill plug.

I am thinking it's not gonna be a rock crawler for sure. But with the locked rear it still might do decent even if one of the rear tires is hanging.

So there are my random thoughts. Any ideas for me?

I'll throw up some pics tomorrow so you guys can see it. I am surprised at the clearenece even with the 30's. I figured I can also trim the fender flares to gain a bit more. I am almost wondering if someone did not put on 2" lift springs years ago. They look like stock springs but...
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