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lift question teraflex or pro comp

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I dont know what I dont know, I have a 2013 JK Sport. I was going to go 33x12.5x17 MT STZ becuse I mostly drive street and little beach or really light trail. I keep looking at lifted jeeps with 35's.
I am looking at Pro Comp
2.5 Inch Lift Kit with MX-6 Shocks
Front lift: coil springs
Rear lift: coil springs
Includes: all necessary hardware
Shocks: front and rear MX6 shocks with shock boots
Max Tire Size: 35x12.50
Min-Max backspace: 3.25-4.75"
or Teraflex

2.5 Inch Lift Kit, Includes shocks, Max Tire Size: 35x12.50.
Plan is TOYO 35x1250R20, A/T II tires.

What are your thoughts and what am i missing? If I go in this direction.
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As big fan said if you are remotely thinking 35's I'd buy the 35's either the 33's or 35's will work great wit hthe 2.5" kit you posted. However, since you say you mostly do street driving there are gas mileage advantages to sticking with 33's. You don't mention what gear ration you have (3.73 or 3.21). If you have the 3.21's realize the 35's will def. impact the way the Jeep drives.
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