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lift question

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Ok so my aunt wants me too put a lift on her 2004 jeep tj I have done the coil spacer lift thats what she is looking into now I am thinking the suspension 2.5 inch whats your input on a good one and what not that includes everything I will need any input would be nice she does not want anything too big so would like too keep it around 2-3 inch lift
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You can go with a skyjacker 2" budget boost, a zone 1.75" boost, or a Rough Country 2.5", etc...I personally wouldn't go with the Rough Country lift because it rides rougher than the other two mentioned above but that will be up to you.

I personally have a zone 3" suspension lift (and will have their 1.25" body lift and motor mount lift next weekend) but am very satisfied with the ride so i don't think you'd be disappointed with the 1.75 kit. People also seem to like the skyjacker kit with hydro shocks but i haven't run that kit nor any others so cant speak from experience.

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the pucks don't really matter who makes them. neither do the bumpstops so long as they are the right length. if she's paying id get whatever pucks and bumpstops that fit her height desires and get ome shocks. the shocks are where you want to spend your money on a bb.
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