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lift question

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hey everyone, wrangler forum rock's! It's helped alot. Question... i have 32X11.5 mud terrain tires, they dont rub but i dont think i have a lift. The springs are stock but i have trailmaster ssv shocks does that make it not rub? I've looked at the different types of lifts in Quadratec but can't match any. Maybe a pic of a stock set up would help me pin point what i've got. I dont know what one would look like. (p.s. I bought the jeep with the tires on it.)
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Chances are that you have two inch spacers on top of your springs. Or you have a two inch body lift. It is fairly easy to detect. Do your springs hit the metal hangers, or is there a spacer between the spring and the hanger? Body the body sitting on the frame, or is it sitting about 2"s higher then the frame?

By the way, WELCOME to the WRANGLER FORUM!!!!!!!!!!
absolutely welcome to WF!!! bluvikng had some great questions to pin point what's exactly going on, but some pics of the spring area and of your jeep in general will help us out tremendously to figure out what you have.
yeah, its pretty unlikely that you have no lift and 32's
it's almost guaranteed that if your runnin 32's you have some kind of "bluvikng" said, you probably have some kind of body lift or coil spacer lift...its pretty easy to tell which one you have (body or coil spacer)
If you had aftermarket wheels 15x8 then it's possible that you could have 32's with no lift. Less backspacing on the rims would keep them from rubbing on the coil buckets in the rear and the control arms in the front.

If you had a picture of your jeep we could really help you out in a flash.
let see if this works. first time trying to put a pic up.:)
im guessin that might be a coil spacer lift...i cant really tell but i doubt you would have trail master shocks with no lift...considering there not too much better than stock
oh yeah.....see the big black "puck" thing that's just above the spring?? that's the coil spacer right there. that'll give you round 2'' depending on its size, but 2'' is a normal size. you, my friend, have a BB. perfect for lifting on the the cheap!
yep...i saw that black puck and thought thats what it was and i thought that it was the coil spacer and that it was a coil spacer lift but i haven't seen the black spacers before so i wasn't sure lol...i usually see those red ones...but that what i thought it was...thanks for clearin it up
should i lower the skid plate because i have a bb. i measured the spacer it's 2"
at just 2 inches you shouldn't have really only need to do it if you have driveline vibrations...if you dont have any driveline vibrations then you don't need to do it...transfer case drop kits usually only come with kits that are 2.5 inches and up so you probably don't need one since it is only 2 inches...note: even the 2 inch suspension lift kits that aren't just spacers don't come with transfer case drop kits either so it being a spacer lift isn't the reason it didn't come with one
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