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Lift, tires question.

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New to the thread. I have 94 f150 that i am selling and as soon as its gone i'm getting a 2000-2002 TJ. But i dont want one thats all lifted and beat up already. I've lifted older leaf-spring vehicles but i have minimal experince with coils. So my question is, do i need a spring compressor so get the old coils out? i used one to get them out of the f150 but i dont even really know if i needed it. And what tires fit under one with a 4 inch lift? i assume 33's. i know i could do some research and find all this out but i'd rather ask people that own e'm.
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It can be done without a spring compressor but I like to have one on hand.

4" lift is perfect for 33's.
I actually prefer not to use a spring compressor because a lot of bad things can happen. Easiest way on a TJ is just to unhook the shock and sway bar and then lower the axle down on your jack.
I just did a spacer lift, and rented the spring compressor, but it was easier without it. It was a real PITA getting the compressor inside the spring to do it the right way....and by hooking it to the outside, it caused the spring to just start bending over, not really helping much.

I got the springs out with no problem by dropping the axle as far as it would go....just unhooked the swar bar links.

Gettin them back in with the 2" spacers in place was a little trickier....but nothing a full grown man standing on the axle along with a crow bar couldn't take care of.
sweet. thanks. i noticed the mirrors are connected to the doors not the body, but i've seen some with em on the body with the doors off.-but only from a distance. how do you put the mirrors on the body when the doors are off? or is that only on yj's?
all you gotta do is buy safari mirrors that go in the hinges when the doors are off
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