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I have a 2012 jeep wrangler unlimited sport with AEV pinner 17X8.5 wheels on mickey tomp MTZ and 2" lift.

I think I bit off more than I can chew as I drive in the city mostly. I do not care about MPG that much but I would rather get 15ish like everyone else than 12 that i get now on econ mode. And I actually like the look of the stock Rubicon wheel/tires.

If I decide to sell the AEV wheels and MTZ tires and buy a set of craigs list rubi wheels/tires do I also need to lower back to the regular lift? I can not find any pictures of a jeep liften 2" running standard wheels and tires so i don't know how silly it might look?

I suppose I could list to trade suspension and wheels tires with someone buying a new jeep, may take a while but that would just be an even swap since my items are only 2 months old.

Any suggestions or recommendations? I also thought about just buying a second set of wheels tires and saving these for when i go offroading but again I do not know if the stock rubi wheels will look OK on a 2" lift unlimited? And if I do that I would need 2 sets of TPS or perhaps just have one set with the tps?

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