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Hello, everyone. I think I have read every lift/wheel and tire thread on the forums, and I'm just as lost as before. I'm hoping someone could help me understand the good and the bad. I mostly drive on road and this is my daily driver. I do play in the mud and go up mountain roads on weekends. I really like the Tera flex 3" kit and have heard nothing but good things from it. I was wondering if I go this high would any additional things need to be done (an do 33s look good with a 3"). Also I'm completely lost on wheels and tire size. I don't want to regear or kill my jeep (maybe in a few years, but not yet). So I would like to know the good and the bad on 15-17 inch rims and 33-35 inch tire combinations. Just for example some say that 17inch and 35s ride better on road then 15inch on 35s, but 15inch are better off road. Also pictures, and prices would be nice to get idea of what I'm looking for.

Thanks, in advance for all the advice and help.
O..I have a 2012 JKU
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