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Lifted the jeep!

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yes, finally got it done...not much, just the 2 inch REBB, but it really helped out, bc, yesterday, the day after it got done, i took it on the best trail ride ive ever been on, and the flex on that thing was AMAZING!...i got more compliments on the flex on that thing then i can count...and it was only a 2 inch

there was this one wash out on the trail that, if you didnt go thru just right, your rig was going to roll over into the creek right next to it....scared the hell outa me........well, i started to go thru it, and i had a small crowd, and, i couldnt even tell i had started into it yet, but they were all telling me i was half way thru it...i couldnt tell, bc my front had so much flex with that lift, the left front tire just dropped down into the whole, and i didnt even feel me feel extremely reassured about how much more stable that thing is....

sorry, didnt get any pics of the ride, and dont have pics of the lift YET, but will get some

one of the things i loved the most about the ride, was, we were in southern ohio at tar hallows state park, if any of you have been there, and we were running county roads, and some of the county "roads" we traveled were just creek beds..that was so much fun...beautiful country down there too
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Im totally satisfied with my BB as well, great buy for the money and a cinch to install. I can get the springs loose when I disco (not necessarily a good thing but pretty cool)

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