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Hello Everyone! Im very new to posting threads and the whole forum world. Im also a first time wrangler owner. Ive had my Wrangler for almost a year in 2 weeks.... I decided to join you fellow wrangler enthusiats in the hopes that somone out there could help me out. :)

Ive read some threads now regarding the Delta Skybar and the problems it has caused others. I am also in the same boat. I have the new Super Skybar and I am running into the simple problem of no working lights!

Heres the situation, I bought the bar off Amazon, eveything came in as stated in product list minus the second grommet. I have installed the bar and ran all the wiring. This is the crazy part.... I have checked the wires at every segment to make sure the intended power and ground wires are doing as they should.

From the positive terminal on the battery you have the 2 red wires that initially run to 2 fuses, thats correct. then from the fuses to the relay the red wires are showing power.

The problem is when you check the 2 yellow and blue wires that come out of the other side of the relay, they are meant to be power wires but are grounded... any info on how i can get this situation resolved so I can see my pretty new lights work that would be great!

Thx to all who repond!!
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