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Light Bar Wiring Suggestions

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I am trying to figure out how to wire my new light bar and having a hard time.
It's a 20 inch Amazon one for the bumper: LED Light Bar
I have a 2008 JKUS and it does not have the factory fog lights, however, there is the fog light switch on the control stalk and when I pull it out, the fog light symbol comes up on the instrument cluster. Also, there are mounts already on the bumper for fog lights or a light bar that were there when I bought the Jeep (used). I'm wondering if there's a way to wire the light bar into the factory fog light switch. It would be a lot cleaner than having to put a separate switch or button on the dash somewhere. Any input would be greatly appreciated! :)
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I assume this came with a relay? First take out the fuse. then From the Relay, Red wire to to Positive battery terminal. Black to Ground (bolt in body that other grounds are on). Then there is usually a wire coming out that would go to a switch (trigger wire) usually white, this needs to be spliced into the white with yellow stripe (if I remember correctly) on the fog light harness; I used a tap splice (super easy). Then connect your +/- wires to the fog lights. replace fuse. if it flickers or the relay makes a buzzing sound, you need a resistor (warning canceler) look up pulse width modulation PWM.
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