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Okay, got a new one for all ya to try and help me fault isolate.
JKU 2008 - base model
First, LEDs all around (head - Trucklites, tail, turn, brake, cab - all bulb replacements, etc.); 10.5K winch; OEM Fogs; Cannon LED 4.5s; SPOD 8-switch; Spicer D60s w/ electric lockers; OEM trailer wiring kit. OEM cruise control.
Everything has worked understandably for almost anywhere from two to eight years. Slight flicker of headlights, but not an issue. Turn signals flash at warp speed, also not an issue (why OEM idiots didn't make the flasher a replaceable unit is pure German/Italian lunacy!). The nuisance of having the turn signal running elements flicker, and, not even together or in an alternating sequence) has been a fun thing to watch (believe it is a result of some capacitor slowly discharging over a matter of minutes, then it stops...). It's the fact that all of a sudden my passenger rear tail light stays on after everything is completely turned off that has me perplexed. Every morning for the past week it has still been lit when I go out to the car to drive to work (after 8+ hours with everything off). Last night it was on, but this morning it was off. By the time I got to work (one hour 55 mile commute) it was back on again...
No wiring changes or electronic additions have been made in I don't know how long...:atomic:
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