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Light Threads Available - THANK YOU MODERATORS

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Just wanted to say thank you to all WF staff for repealing the ban against new lighting threads. :thumb:

It is soooooo much easier looking at the specific lighting issues & responses rather that sifting through 10^10 postings of only generally related items to try & connect the dots between questions & answers.
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Sweet. There is no way to search though that huge thread for a specific problem.
Agreed ... Thanks !
I second the OPs sentiments. I avoided the topic all together since it was all lumped into the giant lighting sticky thread.

Now I find myself popping into the lighting threads when they come up and I'm learning some things along the way for future use.

It's appreciated mod team. :thumb:
Great news! Thank you!
Will be watching for wife is starting to mention problems seeing in the rain in the JK...but she doesn't use the fogs...they work "okay" for me...but I am gonna have to fix 'em.

The TJ with KCs spoiled me!!
That's what I said when they made the thread. Glad they came to their senses. Pisses me off a little though.
Eh, don't be be pissed. Not worth it. The end result was good so ;). WF ....saw the light.

Lots of other things to be pissed off about, like not having the right torx bit to take off your doors & having to drive 20 miles for a *&^% socket. THAT pissed me off.
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