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Limp mode on a manual

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I was driving on an easy trail earlier today, but hit a bump or rut with some force. The jeep made a jeep, the ESC Malfunction and MIL Lights illuminated, and limp mode was enabled, or what I believe to be limp mode: power drops off in all gears at 3k.

I am going to the dealer tomorrow; just happened to have an appointment.

Any thoughts on what is going on.

My limited searching resulted in auto transmission limps.

I doubt there is any causal relationship, but:

1) Earlier today I pulled out a stuck F150. Low 1st easy pull, no jerking or other "violence."

2) Saturday I got stuck in sand down to the frame, and needed to be pulled out with a winch.
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Sorry, I don't have any answers but I'm interested in what the responses will be. Also, if it's not much trouble, will you report back what the dealer says?
Update: Dealer diagnosed the problem as a bad cam position sensor. The dealer further explained that the ESC and 3K cut-off were a result of a limp-mode caused by the bad cam position sensor. A new cam position sensor was installed under warranty. Wheel sensors checked out ok. I will post further updates if the problem is not resolved.
Interesting. Thanks for reporting back.
Jeez, that is so strange. Are you taking pictures when the CEL is on? If not. Start so you at least have some evidence if you end up wanting to pursue a lemon case. It does seem like something must be loose. Sorry you're still dealing with this!
Great idea! Maybe even setup a video camera to record the dash while you're driving over the area where you experience it.
Dealer reported that they found and fixed a short in the wiring harness. Not sure why this was not found earlier; I can only speculate on the reasons. At any rate, this appears to be the most likely causal factor. Guarded optimism at the moment.
Fingers crossed!

I hope it's trouble free for you for many, many years now.
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