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Limp mode on a manual

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I was driving on an easy trail earlier today, but hit a bump or rut with some force. The jeep made a jeep, the ESC Malfunction and MIL Lights illuminated, and limp mode was enabled, or what I believe to be limp mode: power drops off in all gears at 3k.

I am going to the dealer tomorrow; just happened to have an appointment.

Any thoughts on what is going on.

My limited searching resulted in auto transmission limps.

I doubt there is any causal relationship, but:

1) Earlier today I pulled out a stuck F150. Low 1st easy pull, no jerking or other "violence."

2) Saturday I got stuck in sand down to the frame, and needed to be pulled out with a winch.
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I think limp mode is only for automatics. If your power is dropping off at 3k my guess is something else happened.

A wheel sensor, as the previous poster mentioned, would cause your MIL and ESC lights to come on but shouldn't cause the engine computer to reduce power. Did you possibly dent a muffler or exhaust pipe, causing a restriction that reduces power at higher engine speeds? Best theory I can come up with...

Keep us posted.
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