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Limp mode on a manual

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I was driving on an easy trail earlier today, but hit a bump or rut with some force. The jeep made a jeep, the ESC Malfunction and MIL Lights illuminated, and limp mode was enabled, or what I believe to be limp mode: power drops off in all gears at 3k.

I am going to the dealer tomorrow; just happened to have an appointment.

Any thoughts on what is going on.

My limited searching resulted in auto transmission limps.

I doubt there is any causal relationship, but:

1) Earlier today I pulled out a stuck F150. Low 1st easy pull, no jerking or other "violence."

2) Saturday I got stuck in sand down to the frame, and needed to be pulled out with a winch.
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Earlier today driving on an easy peasy dirt road, and hit a minor - really nothing - bump, and bam: CEL and ESC lights come on, and no power over 3k, again ... :(

Cannot get to the dealer for another week ... :(

Do u not have a code reader? It could be a million different things.

Have u tried resetting the ECU yet to see if that fixes the issue?

Unplug the negative terminal, turn on your headlights (to bleed the residual power.) leave it sit like that for about 15min while the power bleeds out, then reconnect the terminal and see if the problem goes away.

If it does, just drive it normally for a while to see if it does it again.

This sounds electrical/computer to me. My guess is you are jarring something loose. Make sure the terminals are tight while your under the hood.

Either that or there is a loose ground somewhere feeding the ecu.
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Thanks. I'll try that and report back.

Also, forgot to post the code. It is: P0369
P036x are cam sensors sir.

I think 0369 is sensor 2. I'm betting it's a loose ground. Check the grounds on all the cam sensors.

Which one specifically was it last time?
Did the steps above.

The results:

CEL and ESC lights did not light up, and the Jeep drove normally.

I drove over some local speed bumps at greater speed than the bump I encountered earlier today in an attempt to recreate the problem. Jeep drove normal, despite multiple attempts.

I have a dealership appointment next week, and still plan to bring it in. Not sure if the rest is the fix or not. Something is obviously causing the problem, and with my luck it will happen again on a remote trail, and it will not reset.
Ok so the right side is cam 2 I believe.

Follow the radiator hose (main hose) to the engine block. Right below it will be the #2 CPS. The sensor will be plugged into a Molex harness. (See image.) make sure the harness is fully seated and follow the wire loom until you see where the ground wire terminates. It's possible it terminates into a common ground, in which it's hard to tell exactly WHERE it could be loose. Your best bet is to tighten all the grounds you can see and ensure they are seated.

This is most def a loose connection somewhere. If the sensor was indeed faulty, then resetting the ecu would initially clear the problem, but as soon as the computer realized the sensor was bad, it would have immediately happened again. Probably minutes after you started driving.

My bet is that something is loose and by jarring the vehicle enough, it shorts and causes the problem.

It is probably:
A: loose battery terminals.
B: loose ground
C: something wrong with the CPS harness plug.

I find it highly improbable that two brand new sensors would be faulty.

It has to be electrical.

I would document as many details as you can with this particular incident in a notebook somewhere so you can tell the dealer exactly what happened and how you cleared it. Hopefully they will figure on it being electrical as well and know exactly how to rectify it. I say write it down, simply because if it was me, I would completely forget in a week.

I'm willing to bet it was one of the batt terminals that were loose. If you tightened the guts out of them after you reset the ecu, you may not have the issue ever agin.
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First, thank you so much for taking the time and effort to write this up.

I will do as you suggest - particularly the tightening of the battery terminals - and report back.

No problem sir!
A loose batt terminal can cause ALL sorts of bizzare problems in any vehicle. I'm willing to bet that is the issue, as typically the simplest solution is usually the right one. But there very well could be a faulty plug, a loose ground, or a million other manufacturing defects that could have happened during assembly.

I would def, still have it given the once over by a service shop and tell them the details of the problem, how you resolved it, and why you feel it is electrical in nature. Then hopefully someone more familiar with the wiring of the engine can ensure that everything is buttoned up properly, since it is under warranty.

Good luck. Let us know how it turns out.
This morning, I went and double checked the battery terminals. I opted not to dig into the grounds as frankly I was intimidated by the degree of work necessary to reach that part of the engine.

Went for a drive on the same offending road as yesterday. After about 4 miles of washboard, the CEL and ESC lights came on again. Engine rpm drop again at 3k.


The "key dance" does not display any code. Tried a couple of sequences.

I suppose on the bright side I eliminated the battery terminals as a causal factor. I did check that they were still tight.

I have not reset the computer, and am not sure if I should. If I do, will I lose the history of the CEL events?

I have a service appointment scheduled for 7/18/14.

Yeah don't clear it this time. Hopefully they will delve further than simply replacing a cam sensor that is probably fine.
Got it.

Thank you again for all your help!

No problem, sorry it wasn't much help. Hopefully it gets taken care of.
Sorry you are having such issues. This would drive me crazy.

I'm still convinced of a loose connection.
See if one of the service guys will go with u to recreate the problem?
Much appreciated!


Just got a call from my dealer, and they replaced the cam position sensor again.

The service advisor agreed with my skepticism that two cam position sensors from two different sources (factory and dealer) would both be bad, so they will keep the jeep for a more thorough test on rutted washboard type road, assuming they can find one close by ... which, this being Phoenix should not be too hard, I hope.

Dude, sounds like they are treating you right!
Omg just saw this.

So glad they found it. I knew it had to be a short.
Omg just saw this.

So glad they found it. I knew it had to be a short.
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