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Hey folks,

Just off the phone with 4wheelparts in Burlington. Pretty excited as this is my first big purchase besides the jeep itself. Ordered a Poison Spyder front brawler lite bumper and skid plate.

Really looking for some advice or opinions on how to move forward to get the best possible coating on the bumper and skid. Im not really interested in doing it myself. Although its a great way to save some money and apply the primer and paint myself, Im really concerned about the salt and weather we have here in Ontario. The representative at 4wheelparts recommended a guy in burlington to get it powder coated but he said that will cost me roughly $500. I was hoping to spend more in the range of 150-300.

Has anyone ever has their bumpers Line X, Rhino lined or powder coated professionally?

Whats your opinion on the quality of the job done?

at the end of the day i want a product that i wont have to worry about rust and maintenance.

Any advice or where i can bring the bumper to get done would be appreciated. I just recently move to Kitchener from the east coast. Still not too familiar with all the stores around to do such a service.
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