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Hey guys. My second post here. I recently just bought a 1990 yj in half deece shape. It already has tons of time and a few upgrades done to it. Will update my sig later.
The guy told me it has the hp d30 in the front. Im looking to beef it up with some chromolys like in my rear 8.25 and also put in a locker "researching in progress". But by lookingn at some pics i have on my phone it looks like its the d30 but i dont see the acuator/clip anywhere on the passenger side of the axle where i have been told it should have it. Does this d30 have a 1 piece instead of the 2?? Is the d30 changed at some point and they installed a different d30 into this jeep? Below is a pic and the only pic i have where it could be visible to see. It looks like a straight tube with no disconnect!
Im no where near my jeep atm due to away for work but im here trying to list all my parts to start my build over the winter.


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