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My Jeep is an 05 LJ 42RLE 3.73 gears and BFG AT 31x10.50 tires.with 97,000 on it. I've had it for a year and a half and picked it up as the 3rd owner with 65,000 on the clock. I thought I would pass on my experience with this transmission.

Around the end of January I got a check engine light. Code read P0740. Torque Converter Lockup issue. It still drove but the converter definitely wasn’t locking up and would rev pretty high. I just drained the fluid and replaced the filter about a month earlier. Fluid was dirty, more purplish than redish color. So I drained it again and pulled the valve body out. It was my first time pulling a valve body that I was actually planning on using again, so I was a little nervous. After figuring out how to remove it following directions located on the web, I cleaned up as much of the exterior as possible, there was a slight coating of dirty fluid on it, pulled the solenoid off and cleaned it as well as possible, replaced and put it back in again. Filled it up, reset the computer and took off on a test drive. It seemed to work a little better, but check engine light came on again. Crap.

I drove it by the local transmission place and showed him a bottle of the fluid I had saved. We both agreed it sounded like the solenoid had gone out. I figured out the part number and ordered one from Amazon. When it came in, I took the valve body out again, It was a lot easier this time as I knew what I was doing this time. Installed the new solenoid, put the valve body back in, filled it up and went for another test drive. No Fricken Difference. Same Issue. Same Code.

Now I'm thinking the torque converter is bad, but I have been driving it with this issue for 3 months. My parents were coming into town and leaving a vehicle. Figured that would be the best time to have my DD out of commission. Went back to the transmission shop and left the LJ with them for a day to test. They agreed that it was probably the torque converter, but they should either rebuild or install a reman'd transmission because the bad torque converter probably sent metal fragments into the trany. Quoted $2,400 for rebuild and $3,200 for reman'd including labor and warranty. I couldn't do that, so I took it home. Put it on Jack stands and pulled the transmission out the next weekend.

We have a local torque converter shop that would rebuild one for $98. I figured that was a no brainer. I took the converter in, they opened it up right there, Fiddled with it for a minute and said the stater was seized, wearing out the lockup clutch. Said it would have most likely blown soon trashing the transmission. I picked up the rebuilt converter the next day. Installed a new Rear main seal while I was down there. Put in a transgo shift kit and finished putting it all back together yesterday. (This was a pretty simple Install on this trany, but the directions can be confusing)

Test Drive was Perfect. Now Hopefully it will last another 50k miles, then I'll be ready to put another one. I'm pretty sure now that I'm intimately familiar with it, I can drop one and pop in another in a weekend. Let's hope it's a while before that happens. I hope this experience can help out someone with a similar issue.

Anyone looking for a good used 42RLE Solenoid Pack?
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