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clearly I'm doing something wrong. Our toll roads run at 75 to 80 mph...maybe that's it? Different thread I guess, sorry for the hijack
The force of aerodynamic drag (Fd) regarding an auto is the product of the drag coefficient (Cd) times the frontal area (A), multiplied by the square of the velocity. Overcoming Fd requires a propulsive force rising as a cube of velocity. An ordinary car traveling at 40 mph may require 20 horsepower to overcome aerodynamic drag, but this would rise to 160 hp at twice the speed (80 mph).*

* Horsepower to overcome aerodynamic drag

Compare the Cd, A, and CdA of a stock Wrangler to other vehicles here:

Vehicle Coefficient of Drag List - EcoModder
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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