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I said I would give a review of my Lod front winch bumper when it arrived so here it is. First let me say, overall I am happy with the product but there are a few issues that Lod should consider addressing.
The Good:
1) The bumper was well packaged and arrived undamaged
2) The build quality is, in my opinion, an 8 out of 10. (more later)
3) I really like the textured powder coat, nice job.
4) The design is what I was expecting and I really like the look.

The Not So Good:
1) When I ordered the bumper I was told the delivery time was (3) weeks. I received it in the 7th week.
2) As stated above in #2 the build quality could have been better. There are a few edges on my bumper that are a little sharp, I got one minor cut when I slid my hand on it during the install. Now I know to be more careful when washing it after hitting the trails. I also had to make shims and bend the light tabs so I could get the lights to adjust to their own side of the road. At first the beams were crossing each other. I still laugh when I think about how goofy it looked from the drivers seat. I am not sure if they were supposed too or not, but the lights do not fit in the bumper holes, which makes adjustment without shims impossible.
3) For the $725.00 price, I expected to receive new hardware and directions. The hardware from the original front bumper (top) is to long to use on the new bumper. Not a major issue, but it was a $30.00 expense that I had not planned.
As stated above, overall, since I worked out the bugs, I am happy with the bumper. I really like the look and it should do everything that I need. Here are a few pictures.


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