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Long wheelbase three row Wrangler JK concept

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I don't think this has been posted yet. Sorry if this post is a duplicate.

It's just a concept for now, but I'd bet they build it as a limited run....just like the original 2-door Unlimited.

Long-wheelbase stretch Jeep Wrangler spied - Autoweek
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Jesus, that thing looks like half a limo! lol

Cool looking? I guess... I wouldn't want one, though.

That said, I wouldn't mind an actual stretch limo version! :D
Damn it would take 2 aces to turn that thing around if you had it locked in.
Awesome. Now even large families can enjoy Jeepin! I'd rock that thing in a heartbeat. They really should put a hemi in that thing though.
I like it, especially if I had more than 2 kids...
It would be way cooler if it was a six door. Could you imagine how awesome that would be? It could be called the Wrangler Expedition.
If that had a Hemi in it and 1/2 ton axles so I could pull the camper I would trade in the wife's Ram in a flash.
That's a cool SUV!! I know the hard core 2-dr-only crowd will insist its not a real jeep, but that thing would be awesome for larger families
All that work just to seat six when an Unlimited already seats five?
Forget the third row seating. I was looking at my JKUR today thinking that it would be cool if it had just another 12 inches or so of length in the cargo area. If this long wheelbase could tow a decent trailer though....mmmmm
Gross. I like the 4drs but that is just too much.

Now a 2dr unlimited JK like the LJ.....
The breakover angle on that Jeep :nonono: Imagine that with a soft top. That would be a pain to put down.
SilverSport said:
All that work just to seat six when an Unlimited already seats five?
I was thinking the same thing, it should seat at least seven
I have been driving two-door jeeps for 30 years...and still have not fully accepted four doors (what can I say, old dog) I entered this thread expecting to hate...but damn...that is nice. Of course, it helps that it's lifted, has AEV bumpers/hood, and awesome tires.

Why the heck don't they sell THAT color? It looks like my old steel blue TJ. That color rocked.
Very Cool!

"....Besides creating a cool-looking Jeep that seats six people comfortably

..two captain’s chairs in each of the first two rows and a third-row bench."

Are they saying it fits 6 comfortably with the option of 3 across the bench not so comfortably? Likely not if it is the rear bench from a 2dr. That is a 2 seat bench right?

Either way I'd think you could fit the standard 4dr bench in the 2nd row and just fold it for crawl in access to the rear bench when talking kids getting in and out. That would give it 7 seats!
All that work just to seat six when an Unlimited already seats five?
Having stuffed five adults in my JKU, I would opine that "seats five" is a very subjective term. :)
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