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I'm looking at purhasing a '95 Wrangler SE, w/hardtop, w/a 2.5L I4 engine and 5 speed transmission (AX-5), as is, for $4250, at a Jeep dealer. It has 101,000 miles on it.

It's bone stock, in excellent shape, w/no evidence of any offroading, or hard use.

I plan to do light offroading, on mostly dirt logging roads, here in the NW.

I plan to go straight through it, changing all the powertrain oils w/synthetic, change brake fluid, change antifreeze, install new hoses, new water pump, new fuel filter, tuneup w/new wires and plugs, a K&N air filter, new serpentine belt w/a new belt tensioner, and new battery (Optima).

Can Amsoil 75W-90, GL-5 synthetic oil be used in the AX-5 transmission, or does it have to be Redline 90 wt, GL-4?

Are the brushes easily replacable in the Jeep alternator. If so, I plan to replace them? Will the stock alternator (95 watt?) be enough for using a winch?

It's been a while since I've owned a Jeep, I've owned three, an '85 CJ7, '87 Wrangler, w/the last one being a '94 Wrangler. I miss getting up to the mountains, and I don't want to invest in anything new right now, so I figure this will do me a while.

What kind of highway milage can I expect from the 2.5L I4? My other Jeeps where I6's, with my last one, the '94, getting 20 mpg @ 70 mph.

Reading here, I see people having issues w/the AX-5 transmission. Is it a bad transmission? I don't plan on putting oversized tires on. It appears to be an awful loose shifter, but then again, I've been driving a 5 speed BMW 330Ci, w/a short shifter.

What are the standard size tires for the SE? 225-15's or 235-15's?

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