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Dad is looking to boost the 4 banger in our 93 YJ project.
Can anyone point us to a site. We think that we can use the 4.0 throttle body on the 2.5 without any problems. But we dont know what years are compatable. We have read that it is a direct replacement, that is that the wiring, vac lines, throttle
linkage,computer will all connect and function. Do we need to
replace the fuel pressure regulator on the fuel bar with an adjustable aftermarket one (to boost fuel pressure). Fuel filter is new but stock, will that be a restriction??? Will the computer be ok with this??? Do we then need a hot coil (new stock coil)
If we go with a hot coil do we need to widen the gap to .065???
All info is in post from last week "4.0 Throttle body on a 2.5"
Thanks for all your help so far. We have been working all winter.
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