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Anybody knows a reputable shop that can prepare a TJ from A to Z?
I live abroad and have my 2002 TJ since 4 years now. I always wanted to do small upgrades to get the 'perfect' performance truck but realized that in order to do it I need to get the next upgrade in order to match it ( tires, wheels, engine, axles, TC, lifts... all are linked together ).
I know where I want to get my TJ to, and if I want to go the small upgrade road it will cost me nearly the double in the end.
This is why I thought to buy an almost salvage TJ from the U.S. and have aspecialized shop do the job from scratch.
I will eventually sell my TJ to cover a 'fraction' of the cost.
I chose to do that because where I live ( Lebanon ) there is no shop that sells any of the upgrades I want.
It might cost me a bid cheaper over here to bring all stuff and make the build due to cheaper labor cost, but I know that in the cross of building a truck from scratch I'll need a lot of adjustments and new parts and that between the air freight and lost time it would be much wiser to do that in the states.
I'll need addresses in Florida ( nearer for me If I would have to do a trip over there ) and in California ( where almost 75% of the suff I need have their suppliers based there ).
Any other shop would be a possibility if he has an extra to offer ( more experience, better prices... )
Reputation is very important, but personal experience is much more reliable in my case.
Thanks in advance
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