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View attachment 4174607 Hi Jeep forum, I need some help diagnosing an issue with a coil pack that has blown 2 times this summer.

Bought my first Jeep last fall, a 2014 2dr JK with about 145k km's (90k miles for most of you) mostly as a dd but have been getting into some offroading because hey, it is a Jeep after all. Last month while on a camping trip I had the engine die on the side of the highway with a P0304 and P2311 code. Cylinder 4 misfire and cylinder 4 circuit low ionization. Towed it to a shop and they showed me a coil pack that had the top blown open like a firecracker went off inside it. They replaced the coil, spark plugs and a fuse/relay for the pcm and I was back in business.

Last weekend I replaced the pcv valve as per a recommendation from a trusted friend and took it for a post maintenance test drive. About 5 minutes into the drive it threw the cel and low and behold it's P0304 again. I popped the hood and there is another blown coil pack.

I am wondering if anyone has encountered this before and can point me in the right direction for a possible cause before I get stuck in the 7 circles of hell of paying a shop to replace parts on a trial and error basis.

Thanks in advance.


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