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Once I get my tax refund I plan to start buying parts to get the Jeep lifted. End goal is 35s and I wanted to get thoughts/opinions on my planned parts purchases. I'm basically copying what a friend of mine did to his JKU Sport (I have a JK Rubicon) as riding with him I like the package/setup.

To fit the 35s, I plan to run high clearance fenders from JCR and to get the 1.5" Teraflex lift. These two items I'm pretty confident are the what I want to run but completing the kit is where I'm looking for ideas. Despite the small amount of lift, my friends axles did end up off center so he added track bars front and rear. I'm planning to source these from JKS which is also located here in Michigan. On my friends rig he has kept the stock shocks but he says they feel like they're bottoming out so I'll likely add shocks to my list. I was leaning toward one of the less expensive Fox options here. I'd like to use one of the tailgate reinforcement kits like Teraflex (and several others) make rather than a separate swing out spare tire carrier.

Wheels and tires aren't set in stone and will be the last thing I buy as they're the biggest purchase. I have probably a half dozen different wheels in mind and I'm leaning toward the MT/R as the tire choice.

I'm going the fenders/small lift route over the more traditional higher lift to keep overall height down.

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